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Bilingual (Spanish-English) HIV/AIDS Prevention Glossary Now Available!


Prevention Programs and Education

In the case of HIV/AIDS, prevention is the only cure. That's why THP continues to search for innovative and informative ways to educate our community about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent its spread. Our educators are trained to present scientifically sound information on the medical, social, and emotional aspects of HIV/AIDS. Our programs are specifically designed to provide information and to address issues that are appropriate in language and presentation to the diversity of people that THP serves. Topics include how your group or organization can fight the disease, how volunteers can help people living with HIV/AIDS, and prevention strategies for reducing the spread of the disease.

Our Prevention Department facilitates:

  • Bar outreach and testing
  • Street outreach and testing
  • Internet chat room outreach
  • University outreach & testing
  • Gay, Bisexual, Questioning Support and Outreach
  • African-American Outreach
  • Women At Risk Outreach
  • Skills-based peer education
  • Community condom drops
  • Community Health Fairs


Prevention Intervention Programs

CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results! is an evidence-based, health promotion intervention for males and females ages 16 and older living with HIV/AIDS . CLEAR is a client-centered program delivered one-on-one using cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior.

The intervention provides clients with the skills necessary to be able to make healthy choices for their lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) guidelines on Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS), formerly known as Prevention Case Management (PCM), identify CLEAR as a structured intervention that may be integrated into CRCS programs.

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CRCS: Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services is designed to provide intensive, client-centered risk reduction counseling to persons for whom risk reduction is difficult to achieve or maintain but who also are willing to work on these issues. These clients may not benefit from less intensive risk reduction interventions until after psychosocial needs (e.g., mental health, substance abuse, or housing) that interfere with risk reduction are addressed.

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Cyber Intervention is a program that works within online chat rooms to promote HIV testing among men who have sex with men (MSM). The Cyber Intervention started as a pilot program intitaled by Triad Health Project, funded through a grant from the National Institute of Health from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Now in it's sixth year and second intervention, the Cyber Intervention program remains to be the most innovative and unique interventions in the country.

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