Am I At Risk for HIV?

These questions will help you look at your own behavior. Are you doing everything you can to make sure you are not exposed to HIV?

Am I At Risk?
I will have sex only if my partner and I have talked and agreed to have safer sex. Yes No
I will not have sex, no matter how appealing my partner is, unless we use a condom. Yes No
I am comfortable using condoms and know how to use them correctly. Yes No
I keep condoms in a convenient place so that I am prepared. Yes No
I always make sure a condom is put on as soon as the penis is erect. Yes No
I or my partner pinch the condom at the tip when unrolling it onto the erect penis. Yes No
I never use an oil-based lubricant (Vaseline, Crisco, hand lotion, massage oil) with a condom. Yes No
I know how to have pleasurable sex without exchanging any blood, semen or vaginal fluids. Yes No
I know that getting "high" or intoxicated can affect my judgment and make me more likely to take risks. Yes No

Look at the questions to which you answered "no." These are your areas of possible risk.


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